Miss West Point Pageant

All young ladies ages 14 to 21 who reside in West Point are eligible to participate in the Miss West Point Scholarship Pageant and Miss Junior West Point Pageant! Contestants for Miss West Point must be ages 17 to 21. Winners will receive a tuition scholarship to their choice of university! Contestants for Miss Junior West Point must be ages 14 to 16. 
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West Point City is looking to fill the role of Director of the Miss Jr. West Point & Miss West Point Scholarship Pageant. 

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What does the Pageant Director do? Miss West Point Director Opens in new window

The duties of the Pageant Director, with assistance from members of the Pageant Committee, include the following: 

  • Organization of the pageant including recruitment & coordination of participants, clinics, event advertisement & promotion, venues, decorations, etc.
  • Recruitment and supervision of volunteers.
  • Coordinating regularly with City Staff. 
  • Organization of various events related to the pageant including (but not limited to) the Princess for a Day, 4th of July stage games, Annual Halloween Carnival, etc. 
  • Organization and supervision of pageant participants/royalty at various city events and community functions throughout the year (business openings, county events, service opportunities, holiday activities, etc.)
  • Other duties as discussed


What is the time commitment?  

The Pageant Director is most busy during the early spring/summer, preparing for and organizing the pageant and related events (held in April/May) and assisting with the City’s 4th of July celebration. Organizing the annual Halloween Carnival in October will also require considerable time and effort. As stated above, there are other events throughout the year that the royalty participates in, the time spent on which will vary based on the level of involvement.  The Director also helps find service opportunities and ways to provide the best experience and value for royalty members and participants. 


However, the Director oversees the Pageant Committee and is responsible for recruiting volunteers to serve as members and working with those currently on the committee. The amount of time the Director will spend in this role is largely based on the level in which he/she delegates to and relies upon the committee, and the dependability, support and assistance committee members provide. 


The Director will also have regular contact with City Staff (i.e. Community Events Specialist and City Manager) to plan and coordinate. The need and frequency for this will vary throughout the year, but will likely need to be done during business hours. 


What is encompassed in the pageant? 

Below are some documents from the 2023 Pageant to help provide some insight on how the pageant operates and what it consists of:


Pageant Calendar

Pageant Participation and Royalty Contract

Pageant Participant Welcome Letter

Pageant Info Sheet 

Princess for a Day


Ok, I am interested! How do I apply?!


Have questions or need more info? 

Contact Heidi Moss, Community Events Specialist, at hmoss@westpointcity.org or 801-776-0970

If you know someone who would be great, please help us spread the word!

Miss West Point 2023
Miss West Point 2023