Youth Council


The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide an opportunity for the youth of West Point to acquire a greater knowledge of and appreciation for public service through active leadership and community participation. The Youth Council will serve West Point City by planning and implementing social, educational, cultural, recreational, and other activities for the youth and community. They will be working with the Mayor, City Council, City Administration, schools, civic clubs, senior citizens, and other service and leadership opportunities for the City youth. The goal of the Youth Council is to instill feelings of positive self-worth and esteem, eliminate potentially negative influences among our future community leaders, teach teamwork and respect for property rights, promote community pride, and bring the community together through various service projects and activities.


Youth Council Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm.


West Point City is looking to fill the role of Advisor to the West Point City Youth Council.

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 Youth Council Advisor

What does a Youth Council Advisor do? 

The duties of Advisor are to facilitate fun and social opportunities for the youth in our city to grow their leadership skills, foster their sense of personal achievement, develop an appreciation for serving their community, and enhance their understanding of local government. 


The Youth Council is intended to be “youth led” in order to provide valuable experience in leadership, teamwork, and self-accountability.  The Advisor provides guidance, support, and supervision to the Officers as they execute their roles and activities with the members.


The Youth Council meets twice a month – one meeting with just the Youth Officers and the second with the full Youth Council. These meetings are to plan and execute service opportunities and other activities. The Youth Council also actively participates in City Events like the 4th of July Celebration, Easter Egg Hunt, City Hall Lighting Ceremony, Veterans Day activities, and so on. 


What is the time commitment?  

The amount of time the Advisor will spend in this role can vary, based on the level of involvement in which he/she expects of the officers. The Youth Council Advisor will need to attend the two meetings each month, and be available to oversee activities and events. Time spent in preparing for meetings/activities will fluctuate depending on the activity.  


Below is an outline of a typical activity schedule throughout the year: 

August: Illumination (Davis County) 

September: Swearing in, new officers, learn about city government, choose theme, plan activities

October: Halloween Carnival, Walk to Remember (County) 

November: Veteran Flag Placement, Service activity

December: City Christmas Tree lighting celebration, Cemetery Luminary

January: Service activity

February: Day at the Utah Legislature

March: Three-day leadership conference at USU

April: City Easter egg hunt

May: Service Activity

June/July: 4th of July activity prep, parade float decorating, and participation on July 4th at Party at the Point. 

The Advisor will also have regular contact with City Staff (i.e. Community Events Specialist and/or City Manager) to plan and coordinate and for budgetary needs. The need and frequency for this will vary throughout the year, but will likely need to be done during business hours. 



Ok, I am interested! How do I apply?!


If you know someone who would be great, please help us spread the word!